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    Tradition Wedding Ceremony Gift Set

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Tradition Wedding Ceremony Gift Set
Chinese Wedding Tradition Ceremony Set
[Code: FS-988]

Retail Price: HK$1288.00
Discount price: HK$988.00

Special Offer: Free Hair Dressing Ceremony Set if order 3 weeks advance


Chinese Wedding Tradition

From falling in love till tying the knot, that is the most beautiful of all times. Chinese weddings are steeped in traditions that add happiness to the wedding. It also gives blessings that no other wedding customs can replace.

It has been told that the Three Letters, Six Etiquettes have been practiced since Qin Dynasty (221 - 206 BC) making traditional wedding both impressive and unforgettable. The Three Letters include the Request Letter that confirms the formal arrangement of marriage, Gift Letter that records the value of gifts that the groom sent to the bride and Wedding Letter that is given on the day of wedding. Whereas the Six Etiquettes include Proposing, Comparing Dates of Birth, Engaging, Presenting Wedding Gifts, Arranging Wedding Date and Fetching The Bride.

MyGift Shop have prepare a full set of items that are essential for this Chinese Wedding Tradition Ceremony for both Groom's & Bride's family.

Gifts from the Groom's family includes:-

Wedding Presentation - Bride Price Set

- 2 pairs of Double Happiness golden coconut
- 2 pairs of Areca Nut
- 2 pcs of red thread
- 2 sets of Cypress
- 2 sets of Betel Pepper leaves
- 2 sets of Couplet
- 2 pairs of Dragon & Phoenix candle
- Set of 8 Jin Guo: Dried Walnuts, In-shell Peanuts, Dried Lychee, Dried Dragon Eyes, Lily, lotus Seeds, Red Beans & Green Beans

Cash Box
- 2 pcs of wedding money red packet
- 3 pcs of red packet for 3 Animal Sacrifice money

Oil, Sesame & tea leaves Set
- 2 cans of Tea Leaves
- 2 sets of Sesame

Gifts from the Bride's Family includes:-

Returning Gift Set

- 1 pair of Lotus
- 1 pair of Pomegranate
- 1 pair of Taro
- 1 pair of Calamondins
- 1 pair of Ginger
- 1 set of Hibiscus, Cypress & Pomelo
- 1 pcs Son-in-law red packet

Cake Set

- 1 pcs of Large Chinese Rich Bun
- 8 pcs of Chinese Sponge Cake
- 8 pcs of Crispies
- 8 pcs of Red Bun

Special Offer: if order 3 weeks in advance to your ceremony, we'll offer the Hair Dressing Ceremony Set for both Groom & Bride.

For Purchase or Enquiry, please contact us for details.

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